By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

It’s time to simplify the office communication bureaucracy. Rather than constantly having to reach out to others or search multiple documents for needed asset information, what if you had access available on your computer or smart phone? That’s where transportation-specific software, like ours, comes in. It helps agencies collaboratively manage asset condition, lifecycle and replacement budget forecasting, while eliminating time-consuming back and forth.  

Employee drawing lines showing the old way of communicating with a squiggly, looping line, and the better way to communicate with a straight line.

The old way

Sadly, many agencies are still using on-paper and spreadsheet tracking methods for assets that are time-consuming and usually inhibits the flow of information. In this method, assets are still difficult to track and you need access to the right file cabinet or spreadsheet to get this information.

Example: A manager needs more information on when a traffic signal was installed and its current condition or lifecycle, so they reach out to the maintenance team or look through documents to get the data. The result is a lot of time and effort to get approximate cross streets of the signal and its condition as of a few months ago (the last time it was logged for repairs).

The better way

We are in the age of technology, and asset management efficiencies can greatly improve as a result. Accessibility and convenience are key; employees are no longer satisfied with traditional communication chains to get their jobs done. A transportation collaboration platform, like NueGOV, simplifies communication and maximizes efficiency within your organization. With software, all asset information is on one convenient, accessible platform that includes searching capabilities and visualizations. It eliminates asset location or condition estimations and any middlemen.

Project Manager and Chief Engineer, collaborate over a tablet, using software to review information.Example: A manager needs more information on when a traffic signal was installed and its current condition or lifecycle. He or she will simply log into the software, search for the asset, and the answers are right there. The manager now has the installation information, lifecycle stage, and sees its condition as of a few days ago (the last time the field workers were in the area and took a picture for the platform). Comparatively, the exact answer is received in a matter of seconds instead of hours or days because the communication of information has been streamlined.

Software can be used to asset inventory, lifecycle, and condition. It improves communication, eliminates data silos, and maximizes organizational efficiencies. Additionally, our NueGOV solution has unprecedented asset lifecycle management and condition assessment tools that can help agencies capitalize on their available budget.