By John Cargile, Marketing and Communications Division Manager

Navjoy, Inc., a leading technology services and software company in the transportation infrastructure sector, has announced a built-out Networking division with John Vinarcsik as Vice President of Sales.  

The strategic hire comes at a time when Navjoy, a long-time provider of services to Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), The City and County of Denver, and other public agencies, begins to offer more product expertise and services to additional markets like telecommunication.  

Navjoy CEO, Navin Nageli, and his team are huge believers in this statement from Deloitte Insights:  

“Advanced networking is the unsung hero of our digital future, offering a continuum of connectivity that can drive development of new products and services, transform inefficient operating models, and make digital transformation possible.” 

“Bringing John, a seasoned sales expert, on-board should further solidify our beliefs about the future of our services, products and solutions," said Nageli.

new_hire_john_v_201119aVinarcsik has many years of technology experience, including the networking equipment segment, which is a growing part of the Navjoy product offering. 

Navjoy’s experience sourcing and deploying the carrier-grade, 1500 mile network for CDOT provides a perfect launch point for continued success with additional transportation departments and small-to-medium-sized carrier networks,” said Vinarcsik. 

Vinarcsik has previously been director of sales at Ekinops, regional sales manager for Ciena, and will bring additional years of experience with companies like Alcatel-Lucent, MSN Communications, and Winphoria. 

Navjoy Networking and Cybersecurity offerings include: 

  • Network testing and characterization
  • Full-service network engineering from conception to execution and maintenance 
  • Detailed audits
  • High-tech equipment, including Ciena, Bosch, and more

Navjoy is a leading smart city technology solution and service provider. We specialize in identifying, evaluating and implementing technologies that assist your agency’s vision and goals.