By Emily Gerson, Content Marketing Specialist

As technology continues to flourish, our options for digital mapping expand beyond geographic information systems (GIS). In fact, some systems, like Google Maps, work well with GIS and are actually able to add value to its data. Navjoy chose to use Google Maps for our software’s mapping capabilities. Here’s why.

Mobile phone with NueGOV app on screen showing Google Maps digital mapping. google_maps_nuegov_horiz_210331a

1. It’s user-friendly.

Google Maps' visualization is simple and familiar. It’s intuitive to use, with very little, if any, instruction required. This functionality helps make our software as a whole more convenient and desirable for users.

2. It has promising inter-agency connection capabilities.

The available APIs make it much easier to share necessary mapping data between agencies and jurisdictions. There is no manual entry work required, connected data updates in real-time. This means inter-agency communication is greatly streamlined.

3. It’s cost-effective.

The tool costs very little, which allows us to pass those savings onto our clients. This choice makes our transportation collaboration platform much more affordable than alternative options and budget-friendly for agencies like yours.

4. Information and data can be added to other mapping systems, like GIS.

Because Google Maps works well with other software, the data collected using it can be uploaded into other tools used by the agency. The flexibility allows it to work well with almost any client’s needs.

5. It requires very little maintenance.

Unlike other digital mapping options, the connected, automatically updated systems showcase all changes in real-time without any extra effort from users. This helps save more time and money when it comes to employee output.

We know that transitioning away from a familiar software tool can be difficult, but as you can see, you may also discover several advantages that better your agency as a whole. Also, as stated, one of the benefits of Google Maps is its user-friendly interface.

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